Hospitals in Ottawa

The Ottawa Hospital  is a leading academic health sciences centre in Canada. Together with its  partners, TOH is becoming nationally recognized for outstanding patient care,  education and research. Services are concentrated on three main campuses: the  Civic, General and Riverside. TOH is a compassionate provider of comprehensive,  high quality, patient-focused health care services in English and French to a  population of 1.5 million people in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Queensway Carleton  Hospital is a vibrant hospital in today's ever-changing healthcare environment.  We meet our community's needs while being in a healthy financial position to  keep doing so. Behind our success is a committed team of healthcare  professionals, physicians and volunteers whose focus remains on our patients  and families.  As the only hospital  located in the west end of the City, QCH serves a population of over 400,000 in  western Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.

 Located in the heart  of the nation’s capital, Montfort Hospital is an academic health facility with  a long-standing tradition of excellence and humanism.  In addition to providing outstanding care and  implementing the best practices in the health field, Montfort also has an  academic and research mission of national significance. The hallmarks of such a  hospital are compassion and personalized care, supported by the latest  technology and the adoption of the best practices in the field.  All of Montfort’s services are offered in  both of Canada’s official languages. However, the hospital’s Francophone nature  makes it truly unique as it is the only French teaching hospital west of  Quebec.

 The Children’s  Hospital of Eastern Ontario is an academic pediatric hospital affiliated with  the University of Ottawa, with a mandate for care, research and teaching. Over  the past thirty years, CHEO has established itself as a world-class academic  health sciences centre providing leading-edge treatment, diagnostic and  laboratory services for children and youth aged 0 to 18 years. CHEO houses the  Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and the  Ontario Newborn Screening Program. CHEO is an active partner in the Champlain  Local Health Integration Network, providing leadership in all aspects of  pediatric health and wellbeing. 

The Ottawa Hospital  Cancer Centre is a cancer treatment and research facility providing cancer  services to patients in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Programs and services  include screening, early detection and diagnosis, treatment, supportive care,  palliative care, research and education. The treatment team consists of doctors  (medical or radiation oncologists), surgeons, radiation therapists, nurses,  physicists, social workers, pharmacists, medical technologists, and dietitians.  To receive treatment at the Cancer Centre, you must be referred by your family  physician or surgeon.

The Royal Ottawa  Health Care Group (ROHCG) is committed to serving the mental health needs of  patients and families across Eastern Ontario. We are also dedicated to  exploring new approaches to mental health treatment through leading-edge  research and education. The ROHCG is comprised of the Royal Ottawa Mental  Health Centre, the Brockville Mental Health Centre, the uOttawa Institute of  Mental Health Research, Royal Ottawa Place and the Royal Ottawa Foundation for  Mental Health.